Reproduction & Sexual Health Clinical Practice Handbook (3rd Edition)

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Content update: An updated chapter on the new cervical screening program is now available to download:

This product listing is for the physical copy of the 3rd edition. The new edition of this title is only available through Family Planning NSW as an electronic annual subscription.

This handbook aims to support and promote optimal clinical practice by providing General Practitioners (GPs), nurses and other health care practitioners with evidence-based consensus recommendations on a variety of issues related to reproductive and sexual health.

A practical guide to the management of reproductive and sexual health problems in the primary care setting

Up to date evidence-based information delivered in a user friendly style.

Covers the diagnosis and management of everything from menstrual disorders, to cervical screening and sexually transmissible infections.
New topics include early pregnancy related problems and pelvic floor disorders

Peer reviewed by external experts in their field

Comprehensively indexed.

Reproductive and Sexual Health Consultations
The Cervix
The Ovary
The Vagina and Vulva
The Breast
The Bladder and the Pelvic Floor
Abnormal Bleeding and the Menstrual Cycle
Sexually Transmissible Infections
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Management of Sexual Assault in Primary Health Care

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