Inclusive Drawings Essentials (electronic resource)

$55.00 inc. GST


The Friendly Drawings Essentials were designed by the Sexual Heath Quarters Community Education team in collaboration with Sexual Health Quarters’ graphic designers, sexual health clinicians, clinical education team and many young women from the community

Drawings that are anatomically complete, culturally diverse, non-medical, non-shaming and suitable for use in community education.

The Essentials Kit contains images of internal and external reproductive anatomy, primary and secondary sex characteristics, including:

– Penises and testicles
– Vulvas
– The clitoris, uterus and ovaries
– The hymen
– Breasts

It is our hope that they may be useful for people working in community education, that the drawings may reduce stigma, shame, and discomfort and that they may contribute towards people gaining knowledge, skills, confidence and empowerment in their understanding of their body.